Enjoying roses

Enjoying roses

How to enjoy roses

One of the characteristics of a Modern Rose is its shape, in how the pistil is high with multi-layered petals all around. Generally, people may imagine this shape when thinking of roses. It may be because of its pompous stance, roses are known as the queen of flowers. However, another charm of roses is that Old Roses or English Roses have different shapes, and every flower has their own distinct shape.
Classification of roses depending on its shape is very subjective, so there are no clear standards on classifying roses, but it is another way to enjoy them.

Classification by Petals

Petals with long pointed buds
Petals are leaned outwards, with the buds of the petals pointy
Ex: Lady Hillingdon
Petals with half-pointed buds
The petal buds are in between the long pointed buds and the rounded buds
Ex: Butterscotch
Petals with rounded buds
The petal buds do not lean outwards, leaving a more cup like stance.
Ex: Queen Elizabeth
Petals with waving buds
The petal buds with waving shape.
Ex: Manyo

Classification by flower shape and blooming

Pointed Roses
The pistil blooms high, making it look thin and pointy
Ex: Aphrodite
Rosette Roses
The petals are all gathered closely. Old Roses are known for blooming like this.
Ex: Abraham Darby
Quartered Roses
Have four sections of petals rotating around the four different centers
Ex: Tradiscent
Round Roses
All the rose petals bloom inwards, and the center of the flower blooms open
Ex: St. Cecilia
Sake Cup Roses
Similar to round roses, except that the petals are leaned a little more outwards, with the center not as high.
Ex: Charlston
Flat Roses
When the flower blooms, it blooms flat and outwards
Ex: Strawberry Ice
Pompom Roses
Have multiple small petals and blooms in clusters
Ex: Snowgoose

Classification by number of petals

Single Blossom
Single blossoms are with 5 petals
Ex: Dainty Base
Semi-double Blossom
Semi-double blossoms are with 6~19 petals, with the pistil showing
Ex: Rhapsody in Blue
Double Blossom
Double blossoms are those with over 20 petals
Ex: R.Mikai

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