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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Rose Fragrance Institute Corp. a place where my dream of working with rose fragrance has finally come true.

The main motivation to start up this institution was when I knew that I can work with Mr. Katsuyuki Yomogida and invite him into the company as the head of research, a job that suits him well with his long research in rose fragrance, and also gaining support from various people with the knowledge of roses and its fragrances.

We will further on research more about rose fragrance and a new type of business model for this institution, so we hope to gain your understanding and support.

We have just started up as a business and have many things to work with, but we will work for bringing up the image of RoFiC a little by little, so we wish to have warm support from people.

CEO Kurosawa Saho

Yomogida Katsuyuki (Perfumery Chemist)

Born in Akita prefecture
Started to work at Shiseido Research Laboratory. Since then, started research in perfume analysis. After the development in perfume analysis…
Chief of (NPO) Rose Culture Research Institute. An advisor for Oota Perfume Technology Inc., and Perfume Company Research consultant.
Head of research facility of Rose Fragrance Institute Corp.

Authored Books /Reports for : [Bara no Parfum](Le Parfum de la Rose), [Kaori no Komichi](A Path wayof Fragrance) and [Watashi no Kaori](My Perfume) and Many Reports and Works in Perfume related conference(TEAC, International Essential Oil Conference, Gardening Conference).
Authored and written essays for: Modern Rose Fragrance, Orchid Fragrance, Fragrance of Night-fragrant Flower, Bamboo Fragrance, Water Lilly Fragrance, etc.
Awarded with the Scientific Technology Focused Invention Award with “Identifying and extracting the sensitized ingredients in Jasmine essential oil”.
Helped building up the National Niigata Hillside Park, Chiba Rose Garden Archives, and also the judge and spokesperson at the International Rose meeting (Osaka).

<International research/observations>
Rose observations and analytical research: Bulgaria, Turkey, Grasse (France), England, and New Zealand.
Jasmine, tuberose, michelia research: Taiwan
Boronia observations: Tasmania
Night-fragrant flower research: China, Guangzhou
Patchouli, nutmeg, clove observations: Indonesia

Information about the company

Company name
Rose Fragrance Institute Corp.
May 19th, 2010
CEO: Kurosawa Saho
Head of Research Facility: Katsuyuki Yomogida
Support Money
15,000,000 yen (established May 19th, 2010)
Contents of company

Rose Fragrance Institute Corp is a research company that basis its fields in rose fragrance and expanding the knowledge of it to the society. We work with Katsuyuki Yomogida, who has been working with rose fragrance research for most of his professional life, and we specialize in the laboratory business of rose fragrance.

    We follow these rules in our company:
  1. Providing research results with roses and its fragrances.
  2. Providing images, literature and other information regarding roses
  3. Planning and participating events, seminars, and circles with the aim to spreading knowledge of rose and its fragrance.
  4. Publication of informative books about rose fragrance and flowers
  5. Marketing, developing and producing products with rose fragrant perfumes, or other fragrant products that encourages people to use fragrance in their daily lives
  6. Developing, marketing and producing various products using rose fragrance
  7. Other jobs consist of those related to the above

Rose Fragrance Institute Corp is a company working for a new business model with the above rules, developing a company that has never been before.

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