Enjoying the rose fragrance

Enjoying the rose fragrance

Various ways to enjoy

Enjoying the fragrance through perfumery and cosmetics

Other than perfume or aroma lamps that have the affects of the fragrance directly, other products such as cosmetics (the base-make), soap, shampoo and other bath products are options as well. Also recently, there are products that you can intake through drinks and have the affect of the fragrance from inside the body. Rose fragrance is commonly used in such products, making it as something that we all are very familiar with.
From a long time ago, ever since rose oil was extracted from roses, rose water was extracted at the same time. The rose water itself was not used as it is, but was thinned with water and was commonly used for facial toner, food, or sometimes it was even used as medicine. Rose water was not as expensive as rose oil, making it more reachable to people and was more commonly used. It seems that as cosmetics, what was mainly focused when using the product was not for the affects of the rose itself, but more for the images that the roses bring to a person; elegance, sexy, luxurious. Depending on which fragrance you put on, the entire image changes even though it is the same product. The image changes greatly on which type of rose fragrance you put on. It is very much like a young girl transforming into a mature lady. The reason for women liking the scent of roses could not only to just enjoy the scent itself, but also could be because of that image that a rose has. Knowing which type of rose fragrance suits you best is important. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the world of roses and be able to use the various types of rose fragrance depending on your mood or what you want to use it for?

Enjoying the fragrance with aroma lamps

When it comes to enjoying the fragrance, the most commonly used method is aroma lamps or room fragrance. Aroma lamps are those in which your favorite fragrance is odorized into the air by warming up the fragrant ingredients in the aroma oil. When thinking with an aroma therapeutic perspective, depending on the type of fragrance, the effect is different. However, the psychological effect that comes from smelling differs from person to person, depending on their taste. The comfortable standard of fragrance differs among people. Having this on our minds, it’s important to not be too attached on the effects, but also focus on what scent you like, which will all bring a satisfactory and relaxing affect. The image coming from the fragrance will change depending on the type of it. Finding the perfect fragrance for you could be another something to look forward to. As said earlier, from its physical and psychological effects, having aroma lamps in daily life may lead to a realization of a new lifestyle, an even more luxurious, relaxing lifestyle.

Enjoying the fragrance with perfumes

It could be said that all cosmetic organizations use rose fragrance into their products. The entire theme of rose has come this far, and is now widely recognized. It is said that by putting in a hint of rose scent when making perfumes, it enhances the end product, making it even more perfect. It is said that there are not that many fragrances that can both be the main and the supporting element, but roses are acquainted as both, making it the rare queen of fragrances. Recently in Japan, there is a tendency for not only women to wear perfume but men also wear perfumes or colognes. Perfumes were once used to express one’s identity, refreshing your feelings, or for etiquette reasons like covering up the stingy smells of sweat, but recently people are starting to want their own scent, leading to many people fixing up their very own perfume.

Once Louis the 15th in France had his own perfumer, who mixes a custom made perfume, and by having that it represented wealth, but also the perfumers could gain some status called ‘Nez’ in France. From this background, we can see that France was developed in the perfume culture and is known to be the basis of perfumes. Today in Japan, approximately 20% of scent ingredients are used for cosmetic perfumes. The rest is used for cosmetics or food. Compared to that, Europe, including France, uses 80% for perfumes, which shows how different in levels we are with perfume development.
The history of aromatherapy not only tells us the story of how the “fragrance” itself can influence people, but also tells a story of how people rooted their lives by bringing fragrance into their lifestyles. If this is knowledge for us in leading a lifestyle filled with comfortable, relaxing fragrances, people today who live in a stressful society can use that knowledge and wear perfumes not for fashion, but to bring happiness in our busy daily lives.
Choosing the fragrance depending on what you feel, or choosing your own fragrance and enjoying it for a long time. The ways to enjoy is different from person to person.

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