Learning about rose fragrance

What is rose fragrance?

Classification of fragrance

Over many years, roses have made transformations and developed, leading to the modern rose with the shape and color that we are all familiar with. At the same time, the fragrance in the rose had started to develop various types as well. For more than 20 years, we have scientifically analyzed the fragrances of the old garden rose and the modern rose, and organized them into 10 different *notes (*a summary of the scent nuance/types). With these notes in mind, we have looked into and researched the ingredients and the scent of roses, and came up with 7 main types of fragrances.

Perfume Pie Chart
A pie chart showing the 10 notes (a summary of the fragrance nuance/types) that have been divided depending on its various characteristics of scent and ingredients, which were found through the headspace GC/MS analysis.

7 Types of Fragrances

Fragrance of Damask Classic
A gorgeous combination of the sweet scents of Damascena and Centiforia, with a hint of Gallic scent. This is the classic scent when it comes to rose fragrances. However, it is not common among the modern roses and difficult to find roses that have this scent. This fragrance has a tendency of having a strong tea/fruity note.
[ Main Breeds ]
HohjunKaguyamaCécile BrunnerGranadaSouvenir de la MalmaisonTiffany / The Dr. / Hawaii / Appeal
Fragrance of Damask Modern
Papa Meilland
It transcends the scent of Damask Classic but due to its ingredient balance differing from the classic, it holds a more passionate, refined fragrance.
[ Main Breeds ]
Papa MeillandCrimson Glory / Neige Parfum / Yves Piaget / Margaret Merril / Charles Mallerin
Fragrance of Tea
Lady Hillingdon
A combination of the fragrance characteristics of Rosa Gigantea and Chai coming from China. The scent itself is not as strong, but the scent of green violet is the basis, leaving the entire fragrance with an image of class and elegance. It is most common among modern roses and serves as the core of rose fragrance nowadays.
[ Main Breeds ]
Lady HillingdonDuchesse de BrabantDioramaGarden PartyRoyal HighnessShunpoh / Grand Mogul / Albertine
Fragrance of Fruity
Double Delight
It holds the ingredients of Damask scents and its esters. Also the ingredients of Tea fragrance are balanced in various ways, leaving the fragrance with a fruity scent of peach, apricot or apples.
[ Main Breeds ]
Double DelightDuftwolkeWhite ChristmasHarmonieRakuen / Papillon Rose
Fragrance of Blue
Blue Moon
Though some of the ingredients in the different types of Blue Roses bring up a different scent, the general scent is quite similar among the types. It builds up a unique scent by the combination of the Damask Modern and Tea. In 2009, Shiseido Research Institution identified yuzu lactone, 2-isopropyl and 4-methylthiazole from Blue Moon, the representing rose of Blue roses. Ever since, the institution has been researching more about the ingredients responsible for its beautiful scent.
[ Main Breeds ]
Blue MoonBlue ParfumCharle de Gaulle / Blue Ribbon / Sterling Silver / Pastel Movea
Fragrance of Spicy
Dainty Bess
The basis of the fragrance is the Damask Classic, but also consists of clove and eugenol, the characteristic of carnations, leaving the entire fragrance with a hint of spiciness.
[ Main Breeds ]
Dainty Bess / Fen Zhang Lou
Fragrance of Myrrh (Anise)
The fragrance is similar to that of the herb Anise, but holding down on the sweet scent and bringing out the green, grassy scent more. It has been identified as one of the English Roses, and is commonly combined with scents like Damask or Tea.
[ Main Breeds ]
St.CeciliaGlamis Castle,Ambridge RoseScepterd Lsle / Tamora

These are basic types. There are also many compounded kinds.

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